One Small Village - One Big Choice

The true story of a beacon of hope 

‘Out Of The Blue’ tells the inspiring story of the legacy inherited by the children of Cabo Pulmo, a place once described by Jacques Cousteau as the ‘Aquarium Of The World’ until years of overfishing killed the reef and pushed its inhabitant creatures to the brink of extinction.The Castro’s fisherman family of Cabo Pulmo make a dramatic yet revolutionary decision, sacrificing the source of their food and income to save their reef by banning fishing in their own waters in order to encourage marine life to return and take shelter.Through the power of a shared vision which is sustained through doubts by love, care, years of faith, sacrifice, painful reconversion and campaigning, the reefs of Cabo Pulmo made an astonishing rebirth. Sharks, turtles, rays, groupers and other marine life all returned to the reef as it began to flourish once more.

It has since become a Hope Spot for the planet and shelters thousands of species.Through the world of youngYerick Castro, the 8-year-old child of the Castro family, the film explores the inspiration that lies within Cabo Pulmo’s story and one of the most inspirational legacies a mother could pass on to her child: the ensuring of his future by the creation of a healthy environment.

Yerick is the next generation of the Castro family, and with the legacy of his uncles and his mother Judith, he is engaging day by day in a very unique and special connection and relationship with the ocean. A promise for the future.



There's a true Hope Spot.. a family that has inspired the world with their action, initiative, and vision. 

there’s a place that is a source of hope, a true Hope Spot, and a family that has inspired the world with their action, initiative, and vision.

“I’ve been fortunate to come along at a point in time you could call the sweet spot within all human history. Never before have we been armed with knowledge to be able to know what we know about the natural world and why it matters to everything we care about - our economy, health, security. Our very lives as we now know are dependent on the ocean, the blue part of the planet that drives climate and weather. Most of life on earth is in the ocean and now we know what we could not know when I began exploring: that the ocean, that the whole world is vulnerable to the activity of humans.

“Now we know that care must be given to what we do with the ocean - what we put in and what we take out. Not just the fish, the coral reef, the mangroves and the whales depend on this care, but our entire lives. There’s plenty of reasons to be discouraged when you assess the problem that faces what is happening in the world today and the rapid decline that is occurring, unraveling in decades what has taken hundreds of millions of years to put into place. “But there’s a place that is a source of hope, a true Hope Spot, and a family that has inspired the world with their action, initiative, and vision. It wasn’t easy for the Castro family to give up their way of life - fishing - to try to give back to the ocean and restore what has been taken. 50 years ago, we believed the ocean was too big to fail and couldn’t possibly be harmed by what we remove or add to it. But it is failing, and actions such as those pioneered by the Castro family and the community of Cabo Pulmo serve as a beacon of hope for the world in their restraint and their embrace of the ocean with care. By providing safe heavens for fish and marine life in the area, they’ve created what some regard as a miracle. Maybe the world, place by place, hope spot by hope spot, Cabo Pulmo Look - a small community, a family, individual people... if they can do it, we can do it too. - Sylvia Earle



An immersive experience through space but also through time 

“In this Virtual Reality film, Sylvia Earle invites viewers into an incredible journey through time from the past to present inside the marine heritage of a fishermen community in Mexico, in the region of Baja California Sur. Here, we adopt the perspective of Judith, once a little girl who is now a mother belonging to this fishermen community of Cabo Pulmo. It is Judith’s son, Yerick,  who will inherit this priceless legacy from his family: an ocean which is alive.

“My desire was to bring an immersive experience to the viewer, not only through space, but also through time. I’ve previously employed the use of cartoons to tell compelling stories and travel to areas which were difficult to access. The past is one of those places you cannot revisit with a camera. By using animation, we are able to document this period and bring this story to life in a visceral and dramatic way. 

“The film uses 360 degree creative spaces to take the viewer on a journey through the lives of a Mexican family of former fishermen. Viewers experience a wholly immersive space. The past is traveled through via animation, but in the present, the viewer flies through the town of Cabo Pulmo before diving into its underwater heritage with magical sea creature encounters, all thanks to 360 underwater technology, 360 drone technology and 360 topside technology.

“These technological storytelling devices brings the viewer into a completely new and innovative immersive experience by allowing them to explore in full 360 degrees the most hopeful and rich legacy left by a community to its children today.

“Their imagination is triggered through animated tales, and emotions are awakened when invited into the intimate relationship of a mother with her child. A 360 degree underwater experience allows the viewer to be closer to wild ocean animals than they’ve ever experienced before.

“Music, sound effects and voiceover accompany the intense, emotional and poetic experience of the viewer through the film to create a deep connection with the Castro family and allow the audience to feel first hand the challenges they’ve been through, as well as the choices they’ve made to allow positive change for the children of today and tomorrow.

“Yerick’s mother’s voice is like a love letter to her child which we, as outsiders, are privileged to hear and to feel. Her words go directly to your heart, while the environment we evolve into is astonishing. This is an intimate and moving experience to feel the emotions of a little girl, grown into a committed and loving mother, pass on a legacy to her child which has taken years of family commitment.

“As a director, creating a linear story in 360 requires the consideration of every choice a viewer has. Directing a feature documentary film in VR is completely different to a traditional format. This was a wonderful and exciting experience, with complete freedom given to creativity.This was a new opportunity to invent immersive content and to finesse and master the 360 space to ensure the viewer never misses an action or emotion. As with so many non-for-profit films, ‘Out Of The Blue’ relies heavily on the incredible generosity of the talents of many.

“Shooting ‘Out Of The Blue’ in Mexico and working with a team coming from all over the world (the US, France, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Russia and Mexico) was a great privilege for me. The VR in this film allows each viewer to take the same journey our crew undertook ourselves with Yerick, his mother Judith and their community of Cabo Pulmo. Thanks to the sacrifice of this family and the power of Virtual Reality, we now are able to enjoy a unique reality and understand the benefits for each of us and for our children to make a small sacrifice in order to preserve one of the most precious things in the world. I am honoured to partner alongside such an inspiring family who have now become a model to the world of conservancy and an example to communities worldwide.”