Sylvia Earle

Oceanographer and Narrator

“I’ve been fortunate to come along at a point in time you could call the sweet spot within all human history. Never before have we been armed with knowledge to be able to know what we know about the natural world and why it matters to everything we care about - our economy, health, security. Our very lives as we now know are dependent on the ocean, the blue part of the planet that drives climate and weather. Most of life on earth is in the ocean and now we know what we could not know when I began exploring: that the ocean, that the whole world is vulnerable to the activity of humans.

“Now we know that care must be given to what we do with the ocean - what we put in and what we take out. Not just the fish, the coral reef, the mangroves and the whales depend on this care, but our entire lives. There’s plenty of reasons to be discouraged when you assess the problem that faces what is happening in the world today and the rapid decline that is occurring, unravelling in decades what has taken hundreds of millions of years to put into place.

“But there’s a place that is a source of hope, a true Hope Spot, and a family that has inspired the world with their action, initiative, and vision. It wasn’t easy for the Castro family to give up their way of life - fishing - to try to give back to the ocean and restore what has been taken. 50 years ago, we believed the ocean was too big to fail and couldn’t possibly be harmed by what we remove or add to it. But it is failing, and actions such as those pioneered by the Castro family and the community of Cabo Pulmo serve as a beacon of hope for the world in their restraint and their embrace of the ocean with care. By providing safe heavens for fish and marine life in the area, they’ve created what some regard as a miracle.

“Look - a small community, a family, individual people... if they can do it, we can - Sylvia Earle do it too. Maybe the world, place by place, hope spot by hope spot, Cabo Pulmo
by Cabo Pulmo, one fish at a time, can be changed for the better, making the
world a better place not just for us, but for all those to come.”

Judith Castro Lucero

Conservationist and mother 

“I was born and raised in a family of fishermen in Cabo Pulmo, of whom I’m extremely proud because of their decision to stop fishing to protect the coral reef located right in front of our homes. Since I was a little girl I’ve felt very connected to the ocean, due to the many occasions I had to wait for my father and brothers at the seashore to return from fishing. From childhood, my father taught me that we should love and care for the sea, respect it and defend it, which I have done my whole life.

“Today I am the director of a Learning Centre where I have the opportunity to inspire the children of my community and transmit love for the ocean. My son,Yerick, has a very important connection to the sea, because he has seen me defend and love the ocean with such passion. He is inspired to follow this example. More importantly, he wants to protect the sea because his grandfather left him that task, and he knows he is part of the next generation which will protect Cabo Pulmo National Park.

“When we received the opportunity to make ‘Out Of The Blue’ with this VR technology, Yerick and I felt this was wonderful news, because of our commitment to the protection of the oceans around the world. We believe the history of our small town of Cabo Pulmo can be an inspiration for the planet. Children around the world just like Yerick can make small changes together to achieve great change and reverse the great damage inflicted on the life source of our planet - the ocean.”

"This experience for Yerick means a lot: He feels even more committed to being a good example of conservation for the whole world. He feels that if his voice succeeds in inspiring the children of his generation, they will be able to reverse the great damage we have done to the planet."