By his mother Judith Castro Lucero


My little son, my pride, my hope, my illusion.


Yerick was born on April 5, nine years ago, his arrival in this world was in the middle of a difficult birth due to a preclamsia. I had been told that they would have to put him in the incubator, that my life and his life were in danger. 

Those first minutes of his life are when he started to demonstrate that he is a

champion and a fighter. 


Yerick was a very wanted child. His grandfather was waiting for him with great enthusiasm, so much so that Yerick has always loved him with all his soul. 

From the beginning of his life, both of them had a very special connection. Although he died when Yerick was 8 months old, until today his grandfather has been Yerick's inspiration, drive and angel. Every day he recalls his grandfather and the love he had for the sea. He feel so proud and feels like he has to continue the mission of his grandfather: love and nurture the sea as his grandfather did. Yerick feel as if he has a commitment to look after the ocean and stay in the place where his grandfather left him. 


His father abandoned us when he was a year old and for me it is sometimes difficult to see him grow up without the father figure. However he always says, mama thank God I have you: you are my heroin. He became my strength and inspiration as much as I became his. Over four years he saw me struggle with passion to defend our reef, our peace, our community againstgreat developers and government. He accompanied me to various meetings, interviews, workshops and realized the love with which I defended our ecosystem. 

He realized the importance the reef had for our community, then he grew up knowing that it is necessary to conserve nature, that if we are careless we are damaging the nature. He also feel the importance of the legacy he has inherited from his grand father and that i am transmitting to him. 


Yerick is a very sensitive child, very loving, loyal, enterprising, full of dreams, is a good student, is a good friend and has very beautiful feelings, like his grandfather and his mother. He is a child who loves to share. He is always looking to Make someone smile. He is passionate to fishes and likes to clarify that he likes to fish in a sustainable way because he is the grandson of a fisherman. In his blood runs the fisherman  blood. Sustainability is one concept he is very much aware. 


From a very young age, YErick has been in contact  with the scientists who came to do studies on sharks. For him the conservation of this predator is very important. For me as his mother and as a conservationist, it is a great gift to see him so passionate about the subject. As he defends the sharks, as he is interested to know more of them. As an anecdote when he was seven years old, he knew that Octavio Aburto had arrived in Cabo Pulmo. He said to me, Mom I have to see Octavio and I asked him 'for what'? He replied: "Mom just take me to meet him. It is important."

We were looking for him and when Yerick finally had Octavio in front of him he said: "Octavio I want to know what caused the megalodon shark disappeared ?" . Octavio was a little bit surprised that a child of that age asked this question . He replied to him: " well I don’t know but we can investigate, you have to start

with a hypothesis"

Yerick replied" I already have one, maybe it was the overexploitation of sharks."


My father taught me to love the sea, to take care and respect it  and that is what I try to convey to my son. I can not leave him a better legacy, because he is growing in this environment, with a culture of conservation, with principles and values , I will be contributing to give the world a better human being, a better citizen, a hope for our planet.


I love you Yerick with all my heart

The Ocean and I

By Yerick

​Soon to be release...